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Few roles are more critical to the success of an organization than project managers. Irrespective of industry, project managers are high in demand. They are tasked with completed tasks within time, budget, and scope. Not to mention, they are also responsible for getting stakeholders on the same page about what’s needed. When projects are managed well, the impact has positive ripple effects way beyond the delivery of the project.

This is precisely the reason why companies need project managers. The Complete 2021 Superstar Project Manager Bundle contains everything you need to know about being an efficient PM.

Consisting of 13 courses, this bundle is designed to cater to both inexperienced and experienced project managers. It touches on specific methodologies and frameworks like Agile and Scrum. You’ll discover how to conduct retrospectives and the importance of running sprints and sprint reviews.

In addition, you’ll also get to grips with tools and technologies, including JIRA and Kanban. You’ll get up to speed with how to use and make the most out of each methodology. This results in enhanced collaboration within the team, improved scheduling, and better tracking of project components. By the time you’ve gone through all courses, you’ll be better equipped in fulfilling deliverables for your organization.

Typically retailing for $2,587, the Complete 2021 Superstar Project Manager Bundle is on sale for $59.99.

Prices subject to change.

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