If you’ve ever seen Canishiea J. Sams’ Instagram account, you know that her nail art style is far from basic colors and french tips. Her designs are fun, vibrant, eclectic and, most certainly, the future of nails. Canishiea is a nail artist and owner of “NailsbyCanishiea,” where she specializes in hand painted luxury press-on nails and nail care.

What started as a hobby quickly turned into a passion for the nail art guru, and after much practice and encouragement from her sisters, friends, and husband, Canishiea decided to pursue her dreams and attend nail school. But get this, by day, she was still attending university and studying criminology, and by night, going after her dreams. Needless to say, everyone was questioning her life plan, except her.

In 2016, Canishiea finished nail school, gave birth to her son, and graduated from college all in the span of months. With a move on the horizon, she took that as a sign to go after what she wanted and do the type of nails she wanted to do. Her step of faith, ended up being an amazing leap! Now, even in the midst of a pandemic, she’s found a way to pivot and change her business model after being forced to close her nail studio’s doors.

In this episode you’ll hear:

✔︎ How Canishiea launched her business and gained clientele as a young mom

✔︎ How transparency on social media jump started her as an entrepreneur

✔︎ And how she spent the earnings from her first client

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