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Co-founder of The B Firm: PR, Erica Dias is something of a lifestyle connoisseur. The Richmond, Calif., native handles brand management, public relations and event marketing for the firm. In her repertoire, as well, a love and passion for fashion. Dias’s more than 10 years of experience in the fashion and beauty industry — styling for Comcast & TIVO commercials, hit TV shows on networks like BET (106 & Park, The Basement) and VH1 — primed her to expand into other arenas of the industry. She decided to not only grow her brand, but also to help heighten the brand of others.

Dias knows the ins and outs of what it takes to get a brand to the next level. Based in Atlanta since the inception of The B Firm PR, Dias has helped clients expand their brands in markets across the country through public appearances, product launching events and networking. The 31-year-old has made a footprint with her drive, loyalty and determination in making brands from entertainment to fashion a household name.

We sat down with Dias this month for her insights from the way up.

As I reflect about the things that have impacted me, my career and my development, the first thing that comes to mind is having faith over fear. As an entrepreneur, fear did play a slight role in the beginning, however one day after looking at my vision board, I reminded myself that I was a child of God and he didn’t get me this far to let fear disrupt my purpose. So I chose faith!

Also having a mentor has greatly impacted my development. I meet with her once a month, take her to lunch or dinner and we catch up. Having a mentor, has been so helpful because she honestly has a vested interest in my personal growth. She has more experience in my field and is always a phone call away.

When I moved to Atlanta, I didn’t know anyone. I would research networking events and go by myself. I wouldn’t go home until I gave and received at least six to 10 business cards. When I attend events, I have a plan of action in mind and I am very intentional when I go out. I network for net worth.

Another helpful tip that has been really helpful was given to me by my younger sister Ashley Jernigan: Adult friendships, are strategic partnerships. Your friends should complement you and help you achieve more. You should NOT be the smartest one of your friends. If you are (and you secretly know it), it is time to start networking to meet new friends — reaching higher heights than you. Not only is this motivation, it keeps you from accepting mediocrity.

Reality: You can’t be the Jack or Jackie of all trades and the master of none.

One last thought, which is also a morning mantra that has really helped in my personal development (also borrowed from my sister) is to: Reflect on my past but don’t dwell on it; don’t neglect the present and direct my future. AT

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