Master P says he has a $2.5 million dollar deal on the table for son Hercy Miller if NCAA changes the payment rules for college athletes. The No Limit Records founder and business mogul negotiated a product deal that could make his son a multi-million dollar college athlete.

This deal is all dependent on the NCAA rule changes that may take place in August. Current rules for the National Collegiate Athletic Association prohibit student-athletes from making money off their name, image, or likeness (NIL). Third-party endorsements have not been allowed for college students. But that could all change in a few months.

“I told Hercy he’ll probably be the highest-paid college player in college basketball history if he do this deal,” says Master P during an interview with TMZ Sports. “Guys that are going to the G League, they’re not even getting that type of money.”

He adds, “I made $400 a month and that’s what the players are making right now. This kid get a chance to make $2.5 million right out the gate and be at an HBCU.”

Master P Believes NCAA Rule Changes Could Be a Game-Changer

Historically, the perks associated with being a college athlete were limited. Over the years, there have been changes to increase the privileges for student-athletes in the NCAA.

“Throughout our efforts to enhance support for college athletes, the NCAA has relied upon considerable feedback from and the engagement of our members, including numerous student-athletes, from all three divisions,” said Michael V. Drake, chair of the board and president of Ohio State, in a statement released last year. “Allowing promotions and third-party endorsements is uncharted territory.”

The NCAA rules require student athletes to maintain amateur athletic status. They are barred from receiving payment for playing the sport, endorsing commercial products, and gaining representation by an agency, just to name a few restrictions.

In December, a comprehensive bill of rights was introduced by Senators Cory Booker and Richard Blumenthal. It’s called the College Athletics Bill of Rights. This would allow more athletes to reap the benefits of their athletic prowess and personal brand by opening doors to more revenue-generating opportunities.

“I work hard so I want to be able to make money off of my own name,” says Miller. “That’s going to be a blessing.”

If the NCAA rule changes, Master P will also have a deal ready for his other son, Mercy Miller, who is one of the top high school Freshman basket players in the nation.

“We have a lot of deals on the table, not only for Hercy, but for Mercy,” P told TMZ. “In August, the league is changing… the NCAA. You’ll be able to make money off your likeness. You’ll be able to do marketing deals.”

Hershey Miller On Track To Earn Millions at HBCU If NCAA Rule Changes

Last month, Master P announced that Hercy Miller made the decision to attend Tennessee State University (TSU). Founded in 1912, TSU is an HBCU located in Nashville. Famous celebrities who attended the university include media entrepreneur Oprah Winfrey and Olympic sprint champion Wilma Rudolph.

Prominent schools had their eyes on Miller. Vanderbilt, LSU, USC, UCLA were all Division I college programs that were on the table. Despite the prestige associate with these universities, Miller wanted to show athletes that there are more quality options available.

“I want to be a leader and a dream of mine and a goal of mine is to change the narrative,” Miller told the Tennessean. “I want to show people you don’t have to go to one of these big schools, Power Five conference schools, just to be great. There are a lot of great people who came out of HBCUs or mid-major schools. I want to be the next one.”


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