Ebony magazine, which has been brought back to life by former NBA basketball player Ulysses “Junior” Bridgeman’s company, Bridgeman Sports and Media, has announced that it has hired an editor in chief.

“I am honored to now lead the charge in reimagining this beloved brand. For 75 years, EBONY has chronicled the Black American experience, amplifying our culture, our joys, and our struggles with grace, tenacity, and beauty,” said Bobo in a written statement. “As the assault on Black bodies continues and a global pandemic ravages our communities, making sure the breadth of our stories is told is as important now as it was then. I pick up this mantle with a reinforced commitment to continuing that legacy of excellence—providing a safe space for talented Black creators and ushering in a new generation of readers through bold storytelling and impactful experiences that educate, engage, and inspire.”

Ebony has announced that Marielle Bobo has been hired to become the new Editor-in-Chief & Senior Vice President, Programming, effective immediately. Bobo will be reporting to EBONY CEO Michele Ghee as she oversees the development of editorial tone, video content, and the brand’s social media cadence across all platforms.

“We are thrilled to have a visionary like Marielle in this role and leading EBONY through this pivotal time in its history. As both a seasoned editor and an experienced leader, she stood out to us as a multifaceted dynamo who not only possesses a wealth of proven editorial experience but who also understands the brand and has a definitive vision for its future,” said Ghee in a written statement. “We are confident that she will utilize EBONY’s most valued assets—our archives and our legacy—to forge a new path forward with strong, vibrant editorial voices, world-class creatives, and fresh content for a new generation!”

Bobo will launch her first digital cover for EBONY in May.

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