The white man who went viral last summer after he and his wife pointed an assault rifle and gun at a group of Black Lives Matter protestors in St. Louis is reportedly interested in running for the Senate.

Mark McCloskey and his wife Patricia made media headlines after they pointed guns at peaceful protestors who marched past their home. Now, the gun-toting couple is preparing for McCloskey’s possible Senate run.  “I can confirm that it’s a consideration, yes,” McCloskey told Politico on Tuesday.

McCloskey works as a personal injury lawyer and has positioned himself as a loyal Republican voter since becoming a meme last summer. The couple spoke at the virtual Republican National Convention last year and McCloskey most recently spoke at a Jackson County GOP dinner where he appeared to be testing the waters before announcing an official campaign run, Kansas City reports.

The McCloskeys shot to GOP stardom after they brandished guns at the BLM protestors who were on their way to St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson’s home. During his fiery speech at the GOP dinner on Saturday, April 17, McCloskey claimed the protestors threatened to kill him and his wife. He also spoke out against schools teaching race theory lessons to students because they were “poisoning the minds” of youth, he claimed.

“We cannot go forward with the normal political process,” he said. “We cannot send to DC the typical assortment of posers and egotists and career politicians.”

The controversial couple has received support from fellow GOP members since their standoff with the BLM protestors. The McCloskey’s have fundraised for Donald Trump and appeared as special guests at a February gun rights rally at the state capitol.

In October, a grand jury indicted the couple on charges of exhibiting guns and evidence tampering, Yahoo News reports. However, during the Jackson County GOP’s Reagan-Lincoln Day Dinner in Blue Springs, Attorney General Eric Schmitt claimed he was working to get the criminal case against the McCloskeys thrown out.

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