For less seasoned entrepreneurs who need help “securing the bag” in the spa and beauty industry, Candace Holyfield may be the coaching option for a self-made entrepreneur.

Holyfield, affectionally known as “The Six Figure Spa Chick,” does not mess around when it comes to duplicating her business success. Her website showcases the reality that she is an eclectic entrepreneur. Holyfield is an award-winning spa owner, Amazon best-selling author of a guide that teaches spa owners how to leverage social media to build their business internationally, beyond the walls of their brick-and-mortar business. Additionally, Holyfield’s website notes that she is an Airbnb Superhost and is involved in a 18-wheeler transportation company.

Despite her busywork, Holyfield’s a Black spa owner who has been unafraid to promote her brand from Instagram to LinkedIn. When COVID-19 was in full swing eleven months ago, Holyfield posted an offer of help on LinkedIn.

“Calling all spa professionals!!!!

Follow me on instagram (@sixfigurespachick) to get help with reopening since Covid 19!!!

12 things you need to do to successfully reopen.

#spa #massagetherapist #spabosstribe — 👋 #OfferingHelp: General Help, Career Coaching”

Holyfield runs her Spa Boss Tribe with profit in mind, while tapping in to the self-care component of spa services and leadership. She learned skills from vaginal steaming to massage therapy, while embarking on her journey to become a successful entrepreneur. While teaching other business owners how to make more money, she is her own best example for how business owners can achieve goals through her Six-Figure Spa Chick consulting firm.

According to,  Holyfield even made over $300,000 using Groupon. Holyfield explained that while getting clients through the door is one step to the successful use of Groupon, expanding business offerings is the next. Holyfield also discussed her creation of part of the Black Spa Awards and the “Spa Hall of Fame.” These tools give spa owners their due upon hitting certain revenue goals. The Queen Spa Expo was also identified in the interview as the only expo for Black spa professionals. Since 2016,  the Black Spa Awards have been held annually in Atlanta.

“A lot of people have made six figures, but multiple people have made $300,000 or $500,000 and five of us have made a million,” Holyfield told

On Instagram, in mid-March Holyfield opened up about an even bigger milestone. She stated another eyebrow-raising win she classified as her “freedom day.”

The message also informed that she would be taking some time for herself and her family, since she  worked hard her whole life, but never experienced true freedom.

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